This is a document that is no-doubt overdue. As a resurgence in A-Team fandom grows, the need for a good source for basic information and questions about the program grows as well, especially as currently so many fans only have been introduced to the program in the past years that it has been in syndication and do not know much about the history of the program and its place in NBC programming history. Besides the obvious questions and information, it's tricky figuring out exactly what needs to be included in a document such as this: what information fits and what doesn't. Where thoroughly-detailed information already exists and is readily available (such as an episode guide, outside acting credits, etc.), I have only provided an outline of that material; it is up to the reader to research these areas through other avenues as necessary; otherwise this document would be 3 times as huge as it already is! Comments, suggestions, information, corrections, and new questions are always welcome. Please contact me at pellegri@eniac.seas.upenn.edu with your opinions. The information contained within this document is accurate to the best of my knowledge but sometimes contradictory information, especially biographical, exists in the reference material I have used. Also, please note that the following symbols and abbreviations may be used throughout this document: AT/TAT: A-Team/The A-Team OTJ: On the Jazz SJC: Stephen J. Cannell

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